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All FOIA’s in the world, overzicht van Wobs ter wereld

Roger Vleugels heeft zijn nieuwe overzicht van Wob-wetgeving in de wereld:

– 88 countries do have a FOIA in power
        – 7 more than in last years update:
          El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guinea-Conakry, Liberia,
          Niger, Nigeria, Tunesia
– Country 89 – Malysia
        – In the section with the sub-national FOIAs a lot of improve-
          ments among them the FOIA of Selangor, a state of Malysia
          which itself has no FOIA in power
– Africa is catching up – Europe: a stand still
        – Most of the new countries are African ones
        – The black spots in Europe [Luxembourg, Malta, Spain and
          some smaller entities] remain black, although there are
          some hopeful signs in Spain
– 100 FOIA countries wthin 2-3 years
        – about a dozen countries do have a serious draft or even
          an already adopted/approved FOI law, see the B section,
          so it is safe to say that within 2-3 years in 100 countries
          FOIAs will be in power
– Positive and negative
          Several countries are moved from the C to the B section
          and some are downgraded from the B to the C section
– Extra remarks
        – There are more FOIA lists; in my overview the date on which a
          FOIA comes into power is the decisive one, Other dates like the
          one for approval or adoption are also mentioned in my overview
        – This update has more than 250 improvements
        – Please feel free to mail me corrections.
        – Please mail me information on FOI request volumes, see bottom
          of page 2 and page 13-14-15.
        – More information on the journals I publish, page 30-31
        – Next years update will be published mid september 2012